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Past Symposia

12th International Symposium on Vibrations of Continuous Systems

Sporthotel Panorama, Str. Sciuz, 1, 39033 Corvara In Badia BZ - Italy
July 28 - August 2, 2019

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Papers listed in alphabetical order of authors:

Dynamic Buckling of Thin Walled Structures Revisited
H. Abramovich

Longitudinal Vibration of a Conical Bar using Rayleigh-Love Theory
J.R. Banerjee, A. Ananthapuvirajah, S.O. Papkov

Explicit dynamic solutions of damaged beams
F. Cannizzaro, N. Impollonia, S. Caddemi, I. Calió

Preliminary Assessments on the Development of Refined Shell Models for Free Vibrations via Machine Learning
E. Carrera, M. Petrolo

Tunable 1D linear acoustic diodes: A design based on soft functionally graded phononic crystals
Y. Chen, B. Wu, Y. Su, W.Q. Chen

Detection of Structural Damage Based on Perturbed Local Equilibrium
L. Cheng

Solutions of Vibration Problems with Boundary Excitation by the Fourier Method and their Application to Optimal Boundary Control
P. Cupiał

Modelling of Planar Dynamics of Inflated Membrane Structures
A. DasGupta

Application of Machine Learning Methods to Structural Similitudes
A. Casaburo, G. Petrone, F. Franco, S. De Rosa

Structural and acoustic response of sandwich plates by means of sublaminate models with variable kinematics
L. Dozio, R. Vescovini, M. D'Ottavio

New Analytical Solutions for Vibrations of Shallow Shells
M. Eisenberger, L.A. Godoy

Total Lagrangian Large Amplitude Beam Vibrations and the Limits of Poisson and von Karman
P.R. Heyliger

Vibration optimization of variable-stiffness composites fabricated by tailored fiber placement machine and electrodeposition molding
S. Honda, K. Katagiri, K. Sasaki

Separating the effect of crack severity and location in a skeletal structure with a single crack
S. Ilanko, Y. Mochida, J. De Los Rios, D. Kennedy

From semi-analytical to Finite Element integrated lowdimensional models for nonlinear dynamic analysis of composite cylindrical shells
E. Jansen, T. Rahman

Natural Frequency Degradations in Cracked Plates
Y. Luo, D. Kennedy, C.A. Featherston

Wave propagation analysis within multilayer media by using the dynamic stiffness method
X. Liu

Sensitivity Analysis of Eigenproblems and Application to Wave Propagation in Timber
B. Mace, A. Cicirello, M.J. Kingan, Y. Yang

Analysis on Nonlinear Forced Vibrations of a Thin Shellpanel Including Clamped Edges
S. Maruyama, K. Nagai, D. Kumagai, T. Okawara

Vibration analysis of multi-cracked plates with a roving body using the Rayleigh-Ritz Method
Y. Mochida, S. Ilanko

Some Topics on In-plane Vibration of Laminated Rectangular Plates: Analysis, Optimization and Combination
Y. Narita, N. Innami

Vibration around non-trivial equilibrium of highly flexible composite thin-walled structures and plates
A. Pagani, E. Carrera

Complex Dynamics of Shells under Different Thermal Conditions
F. Pellicano, A. Zippo, G. Iarriccio, M. Barbieri

On the analysis of 1D impacting rods of arbitrary cross section and with arbitrary material parameters
J. Burgert, W. Seemann

On the Stability of Parametrically Excited Continuous Gyroscopic Systems
A. De Felice, S. Sorrentino

Free Vibrations of Curved Periodic Beams and Combinations
S. Ding, J. Wu, C. Bian, Y. Zhang, L. Xie, J. Wang

Pinned-pinned beam with and without a distributed foundation: A simple exact relationship between their eigenvalues
W.P. Howson, A. Watson

Accurate Free Vibration Analysis of Rectangular Mindlin Plates with Arbitrary Boundary Conditions by the Superposition Method
S. Yu, X. Yin