International Symposium on Vibrations of Continuous Systems

The Seventh International Symposium on Vibrations of Continuous Systems

July 19-25, 2009

Mountains of Zalopane

Mountains of Zalopane

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    Papers listed in alphabetical order of Presenter's last name:

  • High-Frequency Self-Excitation in Paper Calendars
    E. W. Brommundt

  • Vibrations of Plates and Shells in the Case of Thermo-Mechanical Coupling
    E. Carrera and S. Brischetto

  • Natural Frequencies and Critical Speeds of In-Plane Moving Rectangular Plates
    L-Q. Chen and Y-Q. Tang

  • Much Ado about Shear Correction Factors in Timoshenko Beam Theory
    S. B. Dong, E. Taciroglu, and C. Alpdogan

  • Dynamic Stiffness Analysis of Axially Loaded Timoshenko Beam with Cracks
    M. Eisenberger

  • Structural Elements with Engineered Damping
    M. S. Ewing

  • Trapped Mode, Pass-Band and Gap-Band Effects in Elastic Waveguide Structures
    E. Glushkov and N. Glushkova

  • On Self-Excited Vibrations due to Sliding Friction Between Moving Bodies
    H. Hetzler

  • Vibration of Cantilevered Rectangular Plates with Edge V-Notches or Slits
    C. S. Huang, S. C. Liao, and I. C. Lee

  • Vibration of a Solid Cylinder Fixed on One End
    J. R. Hutchinson

  • Embedding Negative Structures to Model Holes and Cut-Outs
    S. Ilanko

  • Implementation and Evaluation of Exact Dynamic Stiffness Method for Free Vibration of Non-Uniform Beams
    S. Yuan, K. Ye, C. Xiao, F. W. Williams, and D. Kennedy

  • Vibrations of Twisted Cantilever Plates
    A. Leissa

  • A Generalized Fourier Series Method for the Vibrations of Continuous Systems
    W. L. Li

  • A Discussion on the Physics and Truth of Nanoscales for Vibration of Nanobeams Based Nonlocal Elastic Stress Field Theory
    C. W. Lim

  • Influence of Different Curvature on Chaotic Vibrations of Cylindrical Shell-Panels with Clamped Edges
    K. Nagai, S. Maruyama, K. Hasegawa, N. Onozato, and T. Yamaguchi

  • Analysis and Design for Vibration of Laminated Composites by Using the Three-Dimensional Theory
    Y. Narita

  • Dynamics of Circular Cylindrical Shells under Seismic Loads
    F. Pellicano

  • Forced Vibration of Compressor and Turbine Blades
    R. Rzadkowski

  • Tracking of Resonance Frequencies of Vibrating Beams by Phase-Locked Loops (PLL)
    W. Seemann

  • Two Classical Problems on Stabilization of Statically Unstable Systems by Vibration
    A. P. Seyranian

  • On the Vibrations of Single and Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes
    A. V. Singh and S. Arghavan

  • Stability of Shells in Frictional Contact
    G. Spelsberg-Korspeter

  • Simulation of Pyroshocks
    U. von Wagner, N. Jngel, and Alexander Lacher

  • Dynamics of a 1-Dimensional Wave Guide with Point-Wise Defects
    J. Wauer, N. Glushkova, and E. Glushkov

  • Accurate Free Flexural Analysis of a Cantilever Piezoelectric Plate Carrying a Rigid Mass
    S. D. Yu