International Symposium on Vibrations of Continuous Systems

The Sixth International Symposium on Vibrations of Continuous Systems

PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn
Olympic Valley
July 23-27, 2007

PlumpJack Inn

PlumpJack Inn

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    Papers listed in alphabetical order of Presenter's last name:

  • Buckling and Oscillations of a Slender Elastic Beam in a Plan - A Systematic Perturbation Analysis
    E. W. Brommund

  • Variational Statements for Vibration Analysis of Multifield Problems and Multilayered Structures
    E. Carrera, S. Brischetto, and P. Nali

  • Predicting Damping in Engineered Structures
    M. S. Ewing and W. Liu

  • A Critical Look at the Dirac Function and its Role in Representing Concentrated Harmonic Forces in Vibration Analysis of Structures
    D. J. Gorman

  • Friction Induced Vibrations of a Rotating Kirchhoff Plate: An Excitation Mechanism of Disk Brake Squeal
    D. Hochlenert and P. Hagedorn

  • Vibration of Sectorial and Skew Mindlin Plates with Corner Stress Singularities
    C. S. Huang and M. J. Chang

  • Axisymmetric Vibrations of Thick Clamped Circular Plates Revisited
    J. R. Hutchinson

  • Bounded Eigenvalues of Completely Free Rectangular Plates
    Y. Mochida and S. Ilanko

  • On Meaningless Vibration Analysis for Bodies Having Elastic Constraints
    A. Leissa

  • Symplectic Elasticity Approach for Free Vibration of Rectangular Thin Plates
    C. W. Lim

  • A Theory of Stability of a Moving Oscillator on an Infinitely Long, Flexibly Supported Beam
    A. V. Metrikine

  • Experiments on Chaotic Vibrations of a Post-Buckled Rectangular Plate under Compression Normal to Clamped Edges
    K. Nagai, S. Maruyama, M. Kurosawa, and T. Yamaguchi

  • Free Vibration of Shallow Shells with General Surfaces Expressed in Cubic Polyonomial Function
    Y. Narita and D. Narita

  • Resonant Vibration of Planetary Gears Having an Elastic Continuum Ring Gear Excited by Mesh Stiffness Fluctuations
    X. Wu and R. G. Parker

  • Dynamics of Circular Cylindrical Shells
    F. Pellicano

  • Oscillation of a Sheet of Falling Water
    Y. Sato

  • Vibration Analysis Of Open Shells Of Revolution
    A.V. Singh and Selvakumar Kandasamy

  • On Bending-Torsional Flutter of a Cantilever with Tip Fluid Jet
    J. Wauer and F. C. Moon