12th International Symposium on Vibrations of Continuous Systems

Sporthotel Panorama, Str. Sciuz, 1, 39033 Corvara In Badia BZ - Italy
July 28 - August 2, 2019


General Chairman
E. Carrera
Torino, Italy

Honorary Chairman
A.W. Leissa
Fort Collins, CO, USA

Local Arrangements Chairman
P. Heyliger
Fort Collins, CO, USA
Shudong Yu
Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Publicity Chairman
S. Honda
Sapporo, Japan

Editional Chairman
P. Cupial
Kraków, Poland

Advisory Committee:

M. Ewing
Lawrence, KS, USA

P. Hagedorn
Darmstadt, Germany

S. Ilanko
Waikato, New Zealand

D. Kennedy
Cardiff, Wales, UK

F. Pellicano
Modena, Italy

B. Mace
Auckland, New Zealand

A. Metrikine
Delft, Netherlands

Y. Narita
Sapporo, Japan

W. Seeman
Karlsruhe, Germany

General Information on the Symposium

Symposium Theme

The International Symposia on Vibrations of Continuous Systems are focused on the vibrations of the fundamental structural elements: strings, rods, beams, membranes, plates, shells, bodies of revolution and other solid bodies of simple geometry. Structures composed of assemblies of structural elements are also of interest, especially if such structures display interesting or unusual response. Many complicating effects are also of interest, to include:

  • Free or forced vibration, transient response, e.g., impact, wave propagation or vibration control
  • Linear or non-linear, damped or undamped vibration
  • Any material type from isotropic to laminated composites
  • Multi-field problems with boundary- or body-coupling, e.g., fluid-structure interaction or piezoelectric or thermoelastic interaction with the structural element

The solution methods used may range from analytical to computational, including finite element analyses, as long as the focus is on the vibrational behavior. Overall, presentations are encouraged which provide greater understanding of vibration. Some presentations are desirable on new directions in research, but reviews of older topics, especially if they give new perspective, and presentations of a historical or tutorial nature are also encouraged. The presentations will be made only by invited registrants.

Symposium Format

The Symposium will begin with a welcome reception starting at 6 pm on Sunday, July 28 2019 at the Sport Hotel Panorama. At this reception, a drawing will be made to determine the first speaker for the Monday morning session. All presentations will then be made in alphabetical order of the last names of the remaining conference attendees. In this way, there will be no way to know in advance the day on which an attendee's presentation will be given. As such, attendees will need to attend the Symposium all week.

Presentations, which will be limited to 30 minutes (including discussion), will take place each afternoon. Following the tradition of the previous Symposia, each morning will be devoted to hiking and other activities in the local area. Hikes will be organized with increasing levels of difficulty as the week progresses.

Throughout the week, morning activities such as trips and visits to local attractions will be planned for family members accompanying Symposium attendees. On Friday evening, the Symposium banquet will be held, an event open to all attendees and their guests. Attendees of previous Symposia who have since retired are invited to attend for the Friday afternoon hike and/or the banquet.

Subject to demand, an additional mountain walk or excursion may be organised following the Symposium on Saturday 3 August.

Symposium Proceedings

A Symposium Proceedings will be published, including 3-page summaries of the presentations to be made. Listings of the presentation topics from the last ten Symposia are available by clicking on the above links. The complete proceedings of all the symposia may also be downloaded from those links. So that all participants may get to know one another better, each participant (whether they make a presentation or not) is asked to submit a 1-page biographical sketch, also for publication in the proceedings. A bound copy of the proceedings will be available at the welcoming reception. Summaries and presentations will be in English.

Symposium registration

Participants wishing to make a presentation at the Symposium should prepare a 3-page summary by 1 February 2019, using the guidelines in the enclosed Summary Format, and mail a camera-ready copy to the General Chairman at the address indicated below. All summaries will be reviewed by the Editorial Committee, which may accept the summary as is or return it with a recommendation for revision, possibly to better align the presentation with the Symposium theme. A decision on presentation acceptance is expected by 1 April 2019.

The registration fee of $300 (U.S.) or €285 (Euro) will cover the cost of the welcoming reception, the Symposium proceedings, daily refreshments, transportation for hikes, and dinner at the Symposium banquet. A Symposium Registration Form is mailed to participants, and should be returned to the address thereon. Note that the number of participants is capped at 50, so early registration is advised.

For accompanying guests planning to attend the reception on Sunday evening and the banquet on Friday evening, a fee of $100 will cover these costs. For children or those not attending both functions, the fee can be negotiated with the Local Arrangements Chairman, Francesco Pellicano.

All inquiries about the symposium should be directed to the General Chairman:

Professor Erasmo Carrera
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Politecnico do Torino
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24
110129 Torino
e-mail: erasmo.carrera@polito.it

The pdf-files of the summaries and biographies should be emailed to: erasmo.carrera@polito.it

For details of the hotel, daily hikes and excursions or local transportation, please contact the Local Arrangements Chairman:

Professor Francesco Pellicano
Dept. of Engineering Enzo Ferrari
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Via P. Vivarelli 10, 41125 Modena, Italy
e-mail: francesco.pellicano@unimore.it

Please contact Francesco for details of how to pay the registration fee.

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