International Symposium on Vibrations of Continuous Systems

The Ninth International Symposium on Vibrations of Continuous Systems

Courmayeur, Italy on the Italian side of Mont Blanc
July 22-26, 2013



View of Hotel Villa Novecento with Mont Blanc, and Courmayeur from gondola

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    Papers listed in alphabetical order of first authors' last name:

  • Free vibrations of Beams accounting for Refined Theories and Radial Basis Functions
    E. Carrera, A. J. M. Ferreira, A. Pagani, M. Petrolo

  • Steady-State Response of Forced Cantilever with Tip Magnets
    L. Q. Chen, G. C. Zhang, H. Ding

  • Some advances in the definition of exact and distorted similitudes
    S. De Rosa, F. Franco

  • Transmission and Reflection of Mechanical Waves at an Interface
    S. B. Dong

  • Levy-type vibration solutions of cross-ply laminated plates based on refined variable-kinematic theories
    L. Dozio

  • Dynamic Stiffness Analysis of Clamped Plates - New Analytic Formulation
    M. Eisenberger, A. Deutsch

  • On the Accurate Estimation of Damping in Structural Elements
    M. Ewing, H. Dande

  • A Dynamic Stiffness Formulation for Free Vibration Analysis of Doubly-Curved Composite Shells Based on Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory
    F. A. Fazzolari, J. R. Banerjee

  • Forced Wave Dynamics of Laminate Anisotropic Composite Structures: Analytically-Based Approach
    E. Glushkov, N. Glushkova

  • Optimum Design and Experimental Evaluation for Smart Micro-composites by Using Laser Excitation Technique
    S. Honda, K. Watanabe, Y. Narita, I. Kajiwara

  • Exact natural frequencies of multi-level elastically connected taut strings and related problems
    W.P. Howson, A. Watson

  • Modelling voids using embedded negative structures - the story of the spurious modes
    S. Ilanko, Y. Mochida, P. Hagedorn, A. Wagner, D. Kennedy

  • Understanding spurious modes of structures with voids using dynamic stiffness method
    D. Kennedy, S. Ilanko, Y. Mochida

  • Motion Control of a Flexible Robot Arm by Utilizing Its Dynamics
    Y. Kobayashi, R. Yamakawa, Y. Gai, Y. Hoshino, T. Emaru

  • Natural Frequencies of Beams and Frames with Concentrated Open Cracks
    A. Labib, D. Kennedy, C. A. Featherston

  • Looking Back at Curve Veering
    A. Leissa

  • Chaotic Vibrations of a Shell-panel with In-plane Asymmetric Elastic Constraints
    S. Maruyama, K. Nagai, S. Sakurai, T. Yamaguchi

  • Natural frequencies of a three-dimensional body using the Rayleigh-Ritz method and penalty parameters
    L. E. Monterrubio, S. Ilanko

  • Analysis and lay-up optimization for vibration of laminated composite plates with rigid body attachments
    Y. Narita, S. Honda, T. Funamizu

  • Vibrations of Carbon Nanotubes: nonlinear models and energy distribution
    F. Pellicano, M. Strozzi, L. Manevitch

  • Aero-elasticity analysis of rotor blades of axial compressor in the case of partially blocked engine inlet
    R. Rzadkowski

  • Vibration analysis of laminated boubly-curved shells and panels using higher-order equivalent single-layer and layer-wise theories
    F. Tornabene, N. Fantuzzi, E. Viola

  • On the vibro-acoustics of piles in layered media
    A. Tsouvalas, A.V. Metrikine

  • Damping Effects on Stabilizing Rotating Non-Circular Shafts Subjected to Pulsating Axial Force
    J. Wauer, H. Hetzler, C. Baum

  • Parametric Instability in Second-Order Non-Dispersive Distributed Structural Systems
    W. D. Zhu